Due to Coronavirus, restrictions are in place.

Arrangements for participation in the re-opening of Trinity Church for public worship


Booking for Church is no longer required, instead a QR code registration of attendance is now employed. Assistance with the process will be available on entry for any who need it.

The QR code registration generates a record of attendance for contact tracing purposes if called for.

For those unable to attend a service, the service will be live streamed (link below) and then uploaded to YouTube, so can be viewed either live or later at your convenience. Links to each service will remain on the website home page for four weeks.

Live Stream and Recorded Services Links

Links for upcoming live streamed services and previous weeks recordings are listed below. To access Trinity Church services, simply click on the link or cut and paste into your internet browser:

Sunday 11 April 2021     https://youtu.be/_X6vyQZaQJQ

Sunday 4 April 2021     https://youtu.be/Lyq_27JG_WQ 

Good Friday        https://youtu.be/c0w4Dynjcls

Sunday 28 March 2021  https://youtu.be/mZTAG75IgbE

Sunday 21 March 2021  https://youtu.be/yXVIa7Jom7Y

Night Church 14 March 2021  https://youtu.be/JAdYWGAkQd4


To access daily devotions provided during the Covid lockdown select this link: https://trinitycamberwell.org.au/daily-devotions/