Coronavirus update 22 June 2020

With Trinity Church closed for public worship due to restrictions currently in place a range of ministries including Sunday worship are being offered online.

  • Our primary means of communication for the duration of the current restrictions is via the congregational email list. If you are not currently on that list, you will not receive information essential to participating in the regular activities of the church. To add your name to the congregational email list, please forward your request to our IT convener,
  • A service is being pre-recorded and uploaded to our private YouTube channel in time for each Lord’s Day. A dedicated link is being sent to everyone via the congregational email list each Saturday to enable you to participate the following day.
  • Session, Board meetings and some midweek activities have been continuing via Zoom. A number of those activities are now looking at the possibility of resuming meeting at the Church site. Details of the resumption process are provided below.
  • Four times a week (Tuesday-Friday) our pastor is sending out a pastoral letter which contains devotional material, prayer requests, news and information to keep us connected and prayerfully supporting one another. If you have any prayer requests or would like to contribute something for the encouragement of all, please forward to our pastor

 COVID-19: Return to Activities Guidelines

Following the latest restrictions announced by the Victorian Government that commenced at 11:59pm on Sunday 21 June 2020, the following guidelines have been approved by the Session of Trinity Camberwell for resumption of all Church activities.

It is important that all members of the congregation read, understand, and adhere to the guidelines in this document to ensure that we can return to activities as safely as possible. Each Trinity Group will need to obtain approval from Session prior to the resumption of their activities. The timing and readiness of any Group’s return to activities will be worked through with the Elder Responsible for the Group and the Group’s Leadership.

The Congregation will be advised when Session determines we can resume Worship Services in the Church building.

1. How many people can attend events/activities?

• Worship services may be attended by up to 20 people plus the minimum number of people reasonably required to perform the service
• Wedding services may be attended by 20 in addition to the couple and the minister conducting the service
• Funeral Services may be attended by up to 50 people plus the minister conducting the service and staff from a funeral company
• All other events/activities on Church property may be attended by a maximum of 20 people including those leading the activity.
• If the event is held in someone’s home then only 5 people from outside of that household may attend.
• Any gatherings in a public place shall be limited to a maximum of 10 people.
• All indoor events on church property must have a maximum of 1 person per 4 square metres in a single undivided indoor space. As a guide, the Small Hall should have no more than 15 people in attendance.

2. Conduct of events/activities

• Leaders/organisers of events should obtain whatever RSVPs are necessary to guarantee that the maximum attendance numbers above are not breached. Any people in excess of the maximum attendance numbers must be turned away – at no point in time should there be more people in attendance.
• Leaders/organisers of events are required to maintain a list of attendees that could be used by the public health authorities if needed for contact tracing. The list is to be kept for at least 28 days.
• A bottle of hand sanitiser is required to be provided near the entrance for people to use upon arrival and departure
• Attendees should maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and others not from their household
• Attendees should refrain from physical contact with other attendees that are not from their household. i.e no handshakes, hugs etc
• Where multiple groups are sequentially using the same facility there should be enough gap in the scheduling to permit the earlier group to fully depart before the next arrives.
• Where possible, leave access points open to facilitate contactless entry. E.g. prop the door open to prevent the need for every person to touch the same door handle.
• Serving food and beverages is discouraged.
• We would encourage the use of the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe App when attending any events/activities.

3. Travel

• Unless you live with those who are attending, we encourage everyone to find their own way to travel to events/activities.
• For parents/guardians picking up or dropping off children – ideally remain in your vehicle. If it is necessary to leave your vehicle to collect your child we would ask that you remain outside of any indoor facilities hosting an event/activity to ensure that we don’t breach any maximum attendee limits, and maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from any other people.

4. Illness

If you are feeling unwell in any way, we ask that you stay home and do not return until you are fully recovered.

If you have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) please seek medical advice.

If you test positive to COVID-19 and have attended any Trinity event or activity, please follow the advice of the relevant authority, and contact the church office at

5. Cleaning and hygiene

At the conclusion of a Group’s event in the Church Hall, leaders are to ensure high touch surfaces or shared equipment are cleaned and disinfected.

COVID19 – Return to Activities Subcommittee of Session

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