The Message Of Joshua

Israel’s Promised inheritance of a homeland

  • First given to Abraham @ 600 years earlier (Gen 12:1-9)
  • The timing of its fulfilment dependent upon the present occupants reaching the full measure of their sin against God (Gen 15:16)
  • For several generations, Abraham and his descendants lived as tent-dwelling nomads and aliens in the Land of Promise
  • Then followed by 400 years of captivity in Egypt
  • Moses was raised up to lead God’s people from slavery to freedom
  • Caleb and Joshua’s minority report in favour of entering in and tasking possession of the Land of Promise was rejected, resulting in 40 years of wandering in the desert.

Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua

  • The miraculous crossing of the Jordan River in full flood
  • The mass circumcision of all males 40 years and younger
  • The celebration of Passover
  • The Battle of Jericho
  • The defeat and victory over Ai
  • Victory over a confederate army lead by 5 Amorite kings
  • Victory over the kings/cities of the south
  • Victory over the kings/cities of the north, in all 31 kings were defeated and their cities captured
  • The division of the land/allotment of tribal inheritance
  • The renewal of the covenant and the death of Joshua

Possessing what God had promised
The way to victory

  1. An unwavering faith and trust that God is faithful to His promises, so to be strong and courageous, not intimidated by strength of opposition
  2. A faith manifest in full obedience to all that God requires, putting one foot after the other.
  3. Utter dependence upon God, repenting of sin, and maintaining right relationship with God as a priority.
  4. Humility: pride and worldly wisdom forsaken
  5. Unity
  6. Purity of heart / holiness / no sin in the camp
  7. Submission to God-appointed leadership
  8. Seek God always through prayer and the Word
  9. No compromise with the world
  10. Don’t grow weary in well-doing

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